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COVID-19 Information

A letter from Pastor Lovens

Dear New Heights Baptist Church,


The last few weeks have been very challenging and difficult for our country, and the world, as we have been dealing with the Coronavirus. Many lives have been lost and disrupted. In order to minimize the spread of the virus, our president, our governor, and local officials have asked us, as American citizens, to take an active part in fighting against the virus. They have asked that we cooperate in not conducting public gatherings of more than ten people. Sadly, churches fall into this category. As your pastor, I have grieved and been in much turmoil over making this decision. Thankfully, we have good men who have made it possible to live stream our services. With that in mind, I have decided that we will live-stream our Thursday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening services. Please help to inform others who are not on facebook and do not have access to our church website. We will give more information on Thursday night in our live-streaming service. I love you all and look forward to being with you through amazing technology on Thursday night.


Rejoice Always,


Pastor  Lovens

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